The American Revolution: Sowing the Seeds for the Civil War

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The American Revolution: Sowing the Seeds for the Civil War The time of the American Revolution was the most critical period of time in all of American history. This was a period of time in which the foundation of our nation was set down: a strong foundation will lead us to greatness, a weak foundation will not. Along the path, if a part of the foundation crumbles or falls, it will take immense energy to fix it, and even if it heals, it heals with an ugly scar, a mark in our history. The mistakes made during the time of the American Revolution can be found in the roots of the Civil War. Of the many debatable causes of the Civil War, the three major causes were division over government ideology, division over slave labor ideology, and finally division over deeming a state slave or free. These three major divisions were preventable from the very beginning. The first faulty block of the foundation was the block of governmental ideology. The split in ideology was not taken care of during the Revolution, so it carried through history to the Civil War. During the Revolution, division in political ideology had not yet evolved into the Jeffersonian Republican and the Federalist parties. Instead it was an unlabeled split on issues such as state versus federal rights, slave states and free states, and slavery as a whole. The time of the revolution was prime for political unity, however the opportunity was not realized and we were set to suffer in the future. Since the Articles of
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