The American Revolution : The American Revolution

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The revolution was revolutionary at all. All the revolutionary information that was told to us wasn't really even a revolutionary because it didn't say much about the details and what didn't change. The american revolution happened in the years 1765 and 1783 and it was about the colonies were becoming independent from England control. The american revolution was a conflict of great britain and the 13 colonies. How revolutionary was the american revolution. It is just a moment in time that really just helped the whites that didn't have power to have power and the whites that did have power to stay that way. In addition, other groups of people stayed the same or changed in a not so positive way. The American revolution to me means something that has changed for the better of everyone and everything about a certain situation. The American Revolution (was / was somewhat / was not) revolutionary. The american revolution wasn't really a revolution at all because of how much things didn't change for the better of the majority. This can be shown by looking at the political, social, and slavery, effects of the Revolution. I don't think the american revolution was revolutionary at all because it didn't really change any of the things that were going on except the fact that the revolution made us separated from England but the rest just stayed the same or made it worse for the people of color. The American Revolution was somewhat was not revolutionary when it came to politics
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