The American Revolution : The Causes Of The American Revolution

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This is about the American revolution and the taxes the King of England put on the American colonists and how the American colonists thought that King George was a tyrant. The reason that writing this is to show how the American colonists reacted to the Acts that the King put on them. One of the laws was the sugar act of 1764 and the imports from Britain. There was also the stamp act of 1765 that made the colonists real mad . The result of the Tea act was the Boston tea party lead by the Sons of Liberty. The quartering act was the direct cause of the Boston massacre where eleven people were shot and five of them died.
The British law was the stamp act of 1765 that required the colonists to put stamps on all legal documents. From document 3 they put the tax on court documents and publications and the land agreements between the people. The reason that great Britain put the stamp tax on the colonists is because Britain had to pay for the French and Indian War. The stamp act put the tax on land and the warrants surveying for the land document 3. The colonists started delivering their papers by hand to resist the British law. Everything that to do with a court document you had to have a stamp on it or it would not be legal.
The imports had a lot to do with the causes of the American Revolution like when they passed the Intolerable acts that closed down boston harbor. The King of England went and passed the sugar act that put a tax on everything with sugar in it. The imports went down when King George went and passed the Intolerable that closed down boston harbor document 2. Then the King of England went and took away the sugar acts and then king George went placed the Townshend acts that put a tax on everything except for on tea document 2. The imports basically fell from the year 1764 to 1775 document 2. What the colonists did to respond to the acts is the sons of liberty organized this event called the Boston Tea Party. The sons of liberty went and dressed up as indians and boarded British ships and took them over document 4. The reason that the sons of liberty done this was for one the King was taxing the colonists to death and they didn't want the tax on tea. The colonists though it was unfair to tax
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