The American Revolution : The Causes Of The American Revolution

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Causes of the American Revolution As the British’s intentions to colonize the world grew, they quickly set their eyes on the Eastern coastline of North America. After decades of struggling to maintain stable colonies, the British Empire had finally established a large presence along the Eastern coast of North America. At first, many colonists perceived themselves as English, but due to many factors, the idea of independence and self-reliance developed. But as the British began to impose laws and taxes that denied colonists of those views, many sought a change in the relationship between the British and colonists. As colonists realized that change was no longer possible, the idea of independence began to develop. What really sparked the American Revolution was the parliamentary enforcement of taxes onto the colonies without proper representation, the obstruction of civil liberties that lead colonists away from British rule, English military measures that influenced settlers to feel that they were being controlled, and furthermore, the conviction that rebellion is supported which consequentially pushed settlers towards disobedience. An influential factor in the causes of the American Revolution was the lack of representation in parliament, who heavily taxed the colonists without any say from the colonies. This was a major problem after the French and Indian War ended. England had accrued a large debt, and to pay it off, taxed the colonists. George Grenville, the head of
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