The American Revolution : The United States

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The American Revolution The United States officially was born on the 4th July 1776. When thirteen American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. Independence did not come easily, it took many year of hard and bloody fighting to be won. What happened to drive these colonies to the bloody war against the world’s most powerful nation back then. I will be taking you back in time to the year 1763 twelve years before the revolutionary war began. In the year 1763, a peace treaty was signed ending a long series of costly conflicts between Britain and France called the French and Indian Wars. France lost and was forced to handed over majority of its American Territory to Great Britain. In order to prevent bloodshed France tried to keep settlers out of the Indian hunting lands which is found west of the Appalachian Mountains. Great Britain took control of the region, yet the King George III did not want to fight another war in North America hence he forbid colonial settlement on the western lands. This proclamation angered many colonist especially along the western frontier who wanted to use the Indian land for their own purposes, they believed that a king who rules from far across the ocean could not possible understand the colonist need and had no right to limit where they settled. That’s how the troubles in the colonies began, with many more to come. Up until 1764 Britain did not interfere much with how the colonies were ran. The government had maintain a
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