The American Revolution and India's Independence Movement Essays

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Systems of governance and authority can have a profound influence on the development of human societies. For example, the major influence of the British Empire in the development of Indian and American human societies. All types of governments – from local politics to federal bureaucracies to huge empires – maintain their authority through specific techniques, including fostering a shared identity (nationalism), developing economic interdependence, and sometimes using overt force. Challenges to that authority through violent and nonviolent revolution can have significant consequences, including the collapse and replacement of whole systems of governance. Both the American Revolution and the Indian Independence Movement gained their…show more content…
Unfortunately, the Indian Rebellion did not result in freedom for India. Eventually, the British government had taken control over India when sepoys brought down the East India Company, and established the British Raj. The British Raj was the British direct rule, and influence in India between 1858 and 1947. The American Revolution was also a rebellion against the British Empire. A violent revolution led by George Washington, and which took place between 1765 and 1783. British colonists in America rebelled to regain freedom and become the independent country, United States. There were a number of events that were the causes of the American Revolution. The First cause which contributed to the American Revolution was the debt gained from the French and Indian War was a contributing factor to the American Revolution. The British government decided to make the American colonies pay a large share of the war debt, by imposing harsh taxes. Some of these taxes were the Sugar Act, Currency Act, Quartering Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, and a number of other taxes. In addition to the high taxes, there were events, such as the Boston Massacre which resulted in the loss of life.
Another event that led to the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party which was followed by the Intolerable Acts. The Boston Tea Party was a reaction to the British Empire; it was when American colonists dumped tea overboard from three ships
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