The American Role During The Vietnam War Still Sparks Much Debate Today

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The American role in the Vietnam War still sparks much debate today. There is a sharp focus on the Americans role in the Vietnam War because of the tragic end for the South Vietnamese. The United States faced much criticism world wide through literature during the war that continued after the war ended in 1975. The American governments reasoning for getting involved was to prevent the spread of communism in South Vietnam and to essentially prevent the domino effect. South Vietnam had no hope of winning a civil war against the North Vietnamese without the United States assistance. The Americans involvement was unjust in the Vietnam War because they failed to finish what they promised to end and in result of that, a betrayal to South Vietnam. By 1883, Vietnam was under French rule. Even though the French were not living directly in Vietnam, the French policies did. France had divided Vietnam into three countries; Hanoi, Hue and, Saigon. Hanoi and Hue were protectorate capitals, and Saigon was the colony capital. France had taken over Laos, Cambodia and, Vietnam, also known as French Indochina. Some of the Vietnamese people accepted the French rule because it was just easier to accept rather than rebel. The people took the good with the bad and realized there was not much they could do, which ultimately made the French much more superior. Even though, physically, Vietnam was its own standing country, they could not support themselves economically. There was no real
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