The American Romanticism Period

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The Romanticism period began its rise with the beginning of the 18th century and gained immense popularity by the 1820s. The movement is seen by many as a literary revolution and eventually came to an end in 1865 with the end of the civil war. Romanticism is characterized by its emphasis on freedom, emotion, individualism and reverence for nature. Its literature defied conventional forms and took liberties in style and traditional storylines. The early 1800s witnessed the transportation and industrial revolution, which led to increased feelings of nationalism. The era was also marked by strong feelings of independence and revolution, left over from the Revolutionary War. The standard of living was improving for many Americans and consumer goods started gaining popularity. The American Romantic period also fell in lie with the era of the marketplace; the economic revolution completely transformed the United States into a market society. Literature was able to become an item of commerce and was much more widely distributed. Education became more common and literacy levels rose. By 1850, nearly 90% of the white male population could read and write. This mass readership and wide audience led to high levels of manufacture and writing began to create profit. Morals were generally higher and feelings of independence eventually led to emphasises on individualism. This era of increased general well being led to assumptions of good and optimism. The Romanticism era appealed to the
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