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Much of the country’s citizens have resorted to the idea that the US criminal justice system holds racial bias. History repeats itself; this is the famous phrase most of us have been hearing since grade school but what about the issue of race in America? Is the issue of discrimination and racism repeating itself? Most would agree the country itself has made substantial progress with the particular issue; America can’t possibly duplicate the painful history of slavery and extreme methods of segregation. However, when taking a look at statistics we can conclude that there is a new kind of racism still very much alive in the land of the free. A kind of racism that may not necessarily mean harsh ours of labor but a devious kind that lays dormant until you have confided your all into the American Justice System.
Controversial cases such as Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, and Sean Bell made national attention within the recent years, all three held overwhelming facts and evidence but still finished with either an unjust verdict or sentencing and another young African American 6-feet-under. How about the facts that two-thirds of the people in the US jail system with life sentences are non-white (Quigley)? Declaring that the US criminal justice system is racist may be politically controversial but the numbers don’t lie. Conversely, some believe that the facts do not represent a “racist” criminal justice…
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