The American Society Moves Forward Into The Contemporary Era

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As the American society moves forward into the contemporary era, advertising grew from small telecast into an argument and suggestion. It is utilized as a form of communication in order to encourage, persuade, or manipulate a broad audience ("What is the Purpose"). A prominent example could include advertisements on Television for universities and institutes such as University of Phoenix and Grand Canyon University. These advertisements, explicitly targeting students, are attempting to promote the idea of the American dream in the society, which is the notion of every U.S. citizen having an equal opportunity to achieve wealth, success, and happiness through hard work and perseverance by attending these particular schools. A majority of Americans "perceive a college education as the ticket to the American dream" ("Student Loan Debt"). The interpretations portrayed ,from these college advertisements, grants the observer a window into American beliefs about the idea of the American dream in society and the false perceptions of it. A primary example can be seen in Mantsios 's "Class in America-2009" article, where he talks about a common misconception that the United States is a fundamentally classless society (Mantsios 624). The advertisements claim that the American dream is obtainable by attending these particular schools and getting an education because every person has an equal opportunity, however, that is not the reality of it. The notion of the American dream is a myth
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