The American Suburbs Are A Valuable Community For Families

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The American suburbs are a valuable community for families. Some would debate that they are the best place to raise a family. They can provide a safe, loving, and nourishing place for a children but can also be a sheltered place to grow up. Suburbs are places with community and family and are a very important part of today 's society and culture. “For many Americans the word suburb conjures up an image of post-world war II single family tract homes, products of the age of automobiles and superhighways” (American Suburbs Pg1 Teaford, p. 1). Living in suburbs my whole life, I can testify to the fact that the days of the World War II, single family tract homes are gone, and in their place stand mcmansions that are built to satisfy our empty hearts. Although suburbs seem like a great place to live, there are still many problems within them and a huge lack of true Christianity. I strongly believe that many people in the suburbs are living lives without meaning and without God. People turn to suburbs to find happiness in items and people. But in the end the amenities of a suburb fail. It fails to complete us as people. As Christians we need to respond to suburbs in a respectful and effective way. walking with them through life with love and compassion.
Born in Homewood, Illinois I moved to Spring Lake, Michigan at the age of three. I lived in Spring Lake Michigan until I came to college here at Wheaton. I’ve only ever lived in the suburbs my entire life. So perhaps I 'm an

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