The American System Of Government Essay

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The American system of government is democratic. Democracy is a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting. In America, elections are held at the local, state, and federal levels. In elections, voters choose from one of several candidates from various political parties for open office positions. The United States has two major political parties: Democrat and Republican. There are more political parties, but with the way the electoral process works, most third parties will not succeed, since they will not get sufficient popular vote. However, for the office of President and Vice President, the popular vote does not determine the President and Vice President the Electoral College does. Many eligible voters have decided to “protest vote,” meaning not voting at all or voting third party, because these voters value voting for a candidate who most aligns with their beliefs rather than voting for a candidate that is likely to be elected. Protest voting is a controversial action, with positive and negative aspects, but it does affect the outcome of the election. This is because major parties care about what third-party voters think and may change their platforms accordingly. Protest voting is a significant liberty that Americans can use to express their democratic right. New York Times reporter Emma Roller “Third Party Voters Know What They Want” depicts third-party voting as a positive action to take in lieu of not voting at all. Roller interviewed more than 30
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