The American Travel Health Nurses Association

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Chapter One: Introduction Overview Need The American Travel Health Nurses Association (ATHNA) is a professional organization that provides support and resources for North American nurses working within the travel health field. As stated on the organization?s webpage, ?the mission of the American Travel Health Nurses Association is to promote excellence in travel health nursing practice, education, and research? (American Travel Health Nurses Association, n.d.). One of ATHNA?s main objectives is the development of professional competencies for travel medicine through increased access to educational opportunities. However, at this time ATHNA does not have a means of delivering educational content to the majority of its members due to the organization?s large geographic spread and scheduling difficulties. Goal To further the educational objectives of ATHNA, the goal of this thesis is to provide ATHNA?s Board with a standard operating procedure manual on how to uniformly create active learning and web-based training modules on issues related to travel health and how to make those training modules easily accessible to all ATHNA members in both the United States and Canada. Aims 1. Identify the needs of the organization to create and share educational modules among members; assess the objectives of ATHNA?s Board of Executives?including budget, and desired online platform type and functionality?which are responsible for module creation and distribution. 2. Conduct a
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