The American Travesty : The History And Evidence Behind The Veil Of Racism

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The American Travesty: The History and Evidence behind the Veil of Racism John Locke, a social contract theorist, says that mankind is equal and independent and “no one ought to harm another of his life, health, liberty or possessions.” When humans enter into a society and form a contract, which leads to government, Locke holds that it is the job of the government to take on the responsibility of protecting the life, liberty and property of its inhabitants; however, the US government failed to protect these rights for Black Americans affected by slavery. Adam Smith, an economist and political theorist, believed that the government should defend and be proprietors of justice. The American government’s purpose, for Smith and Locke, is to promote justice through flourishing ; specifically economic flourishing for Smith. Sadly, history reveals that this was not the circumstance. During the 1700’s, America was one of several countries to embrace chattel slavery. Though slavery is no longer legal in the US, its effects have still rippled the waters of history. Today America stands on trial. It is guilty of failing to fulfill its role as a government by promoting flourishing. Slavery and segregation in the United States have impeded the economic flourishing amongst Black American communities. History and literature will serve as evidence of this crime in exploring the impact of slavery and segregation in education, familial structure and economics. Before this case is explored, a

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