The American View Of Marriage

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The American view of marriage, generally the companionate marriage, is the most prevalent in my mind. Marriage between two people, generally one man and one woman, who work together. Now, marriage can even be between two partners of the same sex. Today, communication and expression of feelings are two things strongly stressed in marriages. These marital values are contrasted by seventeenth- and eighteenth-century America, when people, according to Coontz, “wanted a mate who did not pry too deeply under the surface” (478). People during this time period wanted fairness, kindliness, and good temper with their partner. They did not want a completely open and deep relationship that people of today expect and need to feel as if they belong.
Another aspect to look at within a marriage is the family. Many household arrangements exist, but the most common and successful is the intact family. Jennifer Marshall defines the intact family as “a man and a woman who marry, conceive, and raise their children together” (483). Available research indicates that the intact family is the most stable and secure out of all household arrangements. Therefore, according to Marshall, “the state has an interest in protecting the intact family and we should be cautious about facilitating other forms of household, the effects of which are either deleterious or unknown” (483). The intact family also is advantageous when it comes to raising adolescents. Adolescents in intact families have “better health,
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