The American War in Vietnam

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Dominos. One falls then they all fall. People spend hours to set them up, just to watch them all fall in the blink of an eye. This is similar to the theory of what the U.S. believed would happen if one country, Vietnam, was to fall to communism. This is what caused the war between North Vietnam the communist lead government and the anti-communist South (Encyclopedia Britannica1). How does a war relate to a game enjoyed by millions of people all over the world? Just like in a game of dominos, you set them up and watch them fall, the Vietnam War was the same. Vietnam and the countries surrounding it had worked very hard for independence, that they no longer cared how their government was run. But, the U.S. believed that if Vietnam became…show more content…
The Peace accords took place in 1954, and are what ended the French rule, and temporarily divided the country, down the 17th parallel line, to separate the Viet Minh forces from what was left of the French forces. The peace accords stated that Vietnam would reunite in 1956 after the elections for the new government were held. But, the elections did not happen because the U.S. and South Vietnam did not allow the elections to take place because they were made nervous when they realized that the Viet Minh leaders seemed popular and determined to win (Vietnam War1). And one final important event that changed the course of the Vietnam war occurred on March 29th 1973, when the last of the U.S. troops left, but North Vietnam and South Vietnam did not stop the war, and continued to fight, but the U.S. did not return as explained on CNN Library5.
One of the atrocities that took place in this war had a lot to do with the Geurrilla force. The Guerrilla force began their terrorism and assassination of the South officials and functionaries in 1957. The guerrilla force fought through many different forms such as ambush attacks, terrorism, sabotage, night time attacks, harassing the government, police, and security forces with booby traps, mines, raids, kidnappings, and murders as found on Encyclopedia Britannica1.
The impact on the civilians in this war was big. The citizans of Vietnam had to put up with this war for over 20 years. There were over 3

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