The American Workplace Has Changed Its Structure And Culture Essay

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Yaniris Tavera Soc of Work SOC 362-OL-010 Final Assignment As the American workplace has adapted its structure and culture to outside forces, the adaptations (such as location of jobs, changes in needed job skills, and organizational restructuring) have had an impact on employees and their families. Describe the way these adaptations have affected workers and families and analyze the responses of workers and families. Work and its role in society has become the subject of considerable public commentary and debate in recent years. Work, for many Americans, has changed significantly over the past 25 years. Some people believe that the world of work is changing so thoroughly and quickly that we should consider ourselves pioneers of a new historical era. Some say that the idea of a job has become antiquated. Thirty-eight percent of Americans report some tension between their work and home lives. Today’s highly publicized work/life balance conflicts are multiple, and their nature differs significantly depending on the jobs individuals have and on their family situations. Tensions between work and family life clearly have implications for the well-being of individuals and their children and ramifications for society in general. Yet because the personal needs, desires, motivations, and economic circumstances of Americans are so varied, there appears to be no single way to resolve these tensions, no universal best practices with regard to work/life balance. For example,
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