The American and Finnish Education Systems

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Education is one of the cornerstones and pillars to the establishment and preservation of democracy. In history, countless scores of philosophers and political thinkers believed that only an educated citizenry can take on the quintessential task of upholding democracy. Thomas Jefferson, the primary writer of the Declaration of Independence, stated that “an informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will.” A renowned defender of public education, Jefferson proposed plans for an education system that included grammar schools in his presidency. As a result of these relentless policies for education, the United States expanded on the concept of public instruction through the establishment and upkeep of a practical education…show more content…
The difference of two years for the commencement of compulsory education contributes to the effectiveness of the Finnish education system, as opposed to the American system. Starting compulsory school at the age of seven, students have more time to mature and recognize school as a positive environment. Students are determined and poised to learn more at school if they enjoy the environment, as opposed to the United States system, where children typically start school around five, offering a more negative outlook on school. The opportunity cost of having American students start earlier in their education careers is the lack of determination and positive view in the starting years of instruction, which makes the system less effective.
The second difference between the organization of the education systems is the conclusion of the compulsory education. After completing their basic education of nine years in Finland, pupils go on to the second level of schooling, known as general secondary education, for three years. After completing the secondary education level, students must partake in a “matriculation examination” in order to pass general secondary education. The matriculation examination is the only standardized test in the nation that students are required to take. Passing the exam permits
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