The American 's Strategy For The War

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The American’s strategy for the war was that of winning small battles, and mostly avoiding large war. They knew that their army was not capable of defeating the British in a large war. They were outnumbered and out supplied, but they knew they could defeat them by wearing them down little by little. The British army relied on resources from overseas, thus allowing them to weaken over time without those resources readily being available and plentiful. The British General John Burgoyne, “Gentleman Johnny” oversaw leading the troops from Canada to the Hudson River to intertwine with two other British troops also emerging there. This plan fizzled out due to one of the troops changing plans. Instead of heading to the Hudson, they turned towards Philadelphia where they conquered Washington’s men. Gentleman Johnny’s troop was left to fend off the American army in the Battle of Saratoga in New York. They were outnumbered due to the change of plans from the other troops, and were circled by the Americans. It resulted in the British troops surrendering. The Battle of Saratoga proved to be a huge win for the Americans. It gave France the confidence in the army to sign treaties starting an alliance with the Americans. The Treaty of Amity and Commerce allowed France to start trading with the new United States. The other treaty, the Treaty of Alliance stated that if France entered the war, they would both continue fighting together until American Independence had been won, and that a
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