The Americas And Afro Eurasia

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In the late 1500’s the start of The Colombian Exchange and the settling of Europeans in the Americas sparked a chain reaction of events that would forever change the way we tell the history of that time. It also just may have altered the way we advanced as a species and interacted with one another from that point on. There were many changes that took place in everyday life in both the Americas and Afro Eurasia because of the events of this time period. Some of them more obvious than others, but all were important in their own respect. Advances in technology included farming techniques, written alphabet, weapon and firearm capabilities, and building techniques took place. Religion was also brought from Afro Eurasia into the Americas for the first time. There was also a huge exchange of plant life, which both sides were impacted by. Naturally this included crops grown for food. This had a large impact on the availability of certain products in both Afro Eurasia and the Americas. It also changed some of the cuisine, having an affect on popular foods and just simply what was available in certain areas. Not only was it plant life having a profound effect on the foods people ate, but also animals. There were a large number of animals that were new to both sides of the Exchange. Some of these animals could be raised on a ranch for their meat like, pigs, cattle, chickens, sheep, and goats. Others to be ridden for transportation, work or just as companions like horses and dogs.
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