The Amish Community Essay

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Tourists from all over the world are fascinated by the Amish community and make a point to visit places like Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in order to try to gain an understanding to the mysterious people who stay “behind closed doors.” They do nothing to attract attention, except for having a culture unique to the rest of society. They isolate themselves from the outside world and aim to live the simplest lifestyle possible. Their way of life revolves around complete obedience to God, church, and tradition. People find this so intriguing—who are these people, what makes them stand out, and how are they so successful in the midst of the changing world? (Kraybill, Johnson-Weiner, and Nolt, 3-4) The Amish society originated in Europe in…show more content…
Because they reject television, Internet, and other technology, they have more time on their hands to be productive. Additionally, they are not captivated by the popular American culture (Fisher, 87). Family is highly valued, with the father being the head of the household. The mother is responsible for raising the children, cooking, and cleaning, in addition to helping the father with making important decisions. The children only go to school until eighth grade, because by then they have enough knowledge to live the Amish way (Kraybill, Johnson-Weiner, and Nolt, 3-4). Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Amish culture is Rumpsringa, a term that literally means “running around.” This period begins when the Amish youth turn sixteen and is designed for teens to explore freedom, socialize with their peers, and, most importantly, find a spouse (Fisher, 87). They are freed from the Amish way of life and are able to “taste” life in a different way. For teens today, this means cars, alcohol, drugs, partying, sex, pornography, dancing, and television. (Mazie, 745, 749). Rumspringa can last for several years and ends once the individual chooses to come back into the community and accept full responsibility of following the Amish way of life. (The Future of the Amish, 1). He or she is baptized and joins the church only if he or she genuinely wants to; no one can be forced into it (Mazie, 745, 749).

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