The Amish People

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Amish People Introduction: The Amish are a small group of people that live in a secluded area of the eastern United States of America. The cultural group known as the Amish has constituted themselves as a unique entity in America's diverse landscape. Amish life is centered on religion, agriculture, and the family. For most people who live outside of the Amish culture, this group seems out of touch with the present time; a culture of another era. This belief is primarily attributable to the Amish belief in simplicity and their rejection of modern technologies (The Amish 2011). One of the most important aspects of Amish life and livelihood is agriculture; the Amish focus much of their life on the growth and harvest of food and other crops. The various factors that affect the culture are based upon agriculture; including the Amish beliefs and values, economic organization, gender relations, kinship, political organization, sickness, social change, and social organization. Beliefs and Values: The Amish life is centered on a form of Christianity that demands strict adherence to the word of the Bible. Church and religious services are the most important aspects of the society and each person is required to devote themselves to God through their religious studies Only adults are believed to possess free will. Children are seen as innocents and thus free from the judgment of God. The children are also taught that they must always submit to elders and to the will of God.

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