Essay The Amish Religion

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The Amish religion is one of high standards. They strive to keep away from modernism and to keep the basic principles of their faith. The Amish live on their own and care for their own things without the help of outsiders. By isolating themselves from the modern world the Amish keep a strong faith. They have good values and try to continue showing those values through their children and grandchildren. The Amish believe in many of the same things that we as Catholics believe. They believe in the Holy Trinity and that life after death exists in either Heaven or Hell. Christ’s resurrection and his death on the cross are also beliefs that we both share. They isolate themselves from the modern world so that they are able to keep their beliefs…show more content…
You can tell whose home mass is at that week because you will see 15-20 buggies sitting outside. During mass the Amish will sing from their hymnal book the Ausbund. The Ausbund is a book filled with hymns that were written by some of the early Anabaptists when they were held prisoner (Erik). The Amish believe that by using technology such as cell phones, laptops, and even tractors they will not be staying true to their ancestors or their religion. Each district is different though. They will selectively choose what types of technology may be used by the district (Amish Studies). Some will allow the use of phones though just as long as they are not in the houses of the Amish people. They will be placed a couple miles away from most people’s homes in a shed that anyone can then drive to. Driving is another thing the Amish do very differently. Cars are not allowed in a majority of Amish districts. So instead they have a buggy that can fit the whole family. The buggy will be pulled by the family’s horse. This horse is relied upon for much, they use their horses to get anywhere they want to go and also to plow the fields if they happen to be a farmer, which most are. The Amish are separated into districts; these districts are made up of about 30 families. Each district is located in a settlement. Settlements can have many districts or just a few. The districts are run by the bishop. He makes the rules, the Ordnung; he also is the head of the church there. The minister, who
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