The Amontillado Symbolism

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One of the first setting that the Montresor encounters Fortunato is at the carnival, it dark and Fortunato is in a state of intoxication. Montresor sees an opportunity and acts pleasantly has he approach him, Montresor usefully get Fortunato to join him at his palazzo to taste his latest purchase, the amontillado. Although, Montresor imply that Fortunato did not have to do the wine tasting due to the fact his already intoxicated, Fortunato refuses to let go of the idea and insist that he is suitable for the job then Luchresi” Luchresi cannot tell amontillado from sherry”. Montresor insist for the second time that Fortunato should stay and Luchresi can perform the task but Fortunato insisted that he was alright and that they should go to the
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