The Amount Of Sugar On A Carbonated Beverage

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Ryan Hughes, April 3, 2015 Experiment date: 3/ Report date: The Amount of Sugar in a Carbonated Beverage Abstract The purpose of this lab was to determine the percent of sugar in a solution as well as the percent sugar in a non-diet soda. The experiment was The experiment was carried out by comparing densities of sugar in soda to the density of sugar in solution of water. After the experiment it was found that the manufacturers measurements were accurate. Introduction The purpose of this lab was to determine if the information on the nutrition labels was correct for sugar. This lab could be used to find the content of sugar in and flat soft drink. Also companies may use a procedure very similar to find the percent of sugar…show more content…
Table 1) Volume and mass of sugar, water, and lat soda Volume of water, (ml) Column 1 Mass of empty grad cylinder (g) Column 2 # of Sugar Cubes Column 3 Mass of Sugar cubes (g) Column 4 Mass of graduated cylinder and h20 and sugar (g) Column 5 mass of water or sugar water (g) Column 6 50ml 103.72g 0 -------------- 153.05g 49.33g 50 ml 103.72g 1 2.24g 153.77g 50.05g 50ml 103.72g 2 4.46g 154.66g 50.94g 50ml 103.72g 3 6.79g 156.01g 52.29g 50 ml 103.72g 4 8.98g 156.68g 52.96g volume of soda (ml) mass of empty grad cylinder (g) mass of grad, soda (g) mass of soda (g) 50ml 103.72g 154.95g 51.23g Column one shows the amount of water you start with which is 50ml. Column two is the mass of an empty graduated cylinder measured in grams. Colum three is the number of sugar cubes used starting from zero, then adding one until you reach four. Column four is the mass of the sugarcubes from column 3. Column five is the mass of the graduated cylinder, the water, and the sugar combined. Column six is just the mass of the water and the sugar. Table 2) Percentage of sugar and the calculated densities Sample % Sugar Density (g/ml) no sugar cubes 0% 0.9866 g/ml 1 sugar cube 4.47% 1.001 g/ml 2 sugar cubes 8.75% 1.018 g/ml 3 sugar cubes 12.9% 1.045 g/ml 4 sugar cubes 16.9% 1.059 g/ml flat soda 11.2% 1.024 g/ml This table compares the density and the percent of sugar. Based on this table flat soda would
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