The, An Idea Thought Of By Steven Harris

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Background: DoorGuard, an idea thought of by Steven Harris, which protects the side of your car from accidental dents that occur in parking lots all across the world. Harris’s idea of a product that helps prevent dents in the side of car doors is a very simple idea that many individuals would never have thought to create, and the DoorGuard product would seem to have many buyers who are looking to help protect their new/used cars. The thought of having a giant piece of removable foam on each side of an individual’s car has its benefits, and its disadvantages. The strong points of DoorGuard would obviously be the face that it protects the side of an induvial car from unwanted accidental dents that occur when another individual either parks to close to one, or someone who is reckless. On top of preventing dents, DoorGuard is easy to place on the side of car doors, and is easy to dismantle and store away. The protection DoorGuard would bring to one’s car comes with some weaknesses. One weakness that seems to stick out is the fact that DoorGuard is a giant foam pad that rests on the side of one’s car doors. Many consumers would not like the look of DoorGuard with its big appearance which is good for advertising, but some people would like a product that is minimal and blends in with their cars color. If theft is attempted on the DoorGuard, the cable that goes into the door to keep it from easily getting stolen would tear the panel, thus, ruining the product for the person…
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