The, An Unemployed 34 Year Old Male

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Moniker, an unemployed 34 year old male, has never been able to maintain consistent and deep relationships. For his whole life, he has lived with his mother, a la¬¬¬¬wyer who often traveled the country to argue high-profile cases that obtain much media coverage to the public. Because of the pressure for Moniker’s mother to succeed in these cases, limited attention was provided to him by his mother, especially during his childhood years. Moniker constantly blames his inability to acquire a job on his mother’s lack of affection in his formative years, and is asked by her to receive treatment in a therapeutic setting. All phrases in quotations are directly quoted from the client or the people interviewed about the client. In Moniker’s first session, he greets me with a hug and kiss on the cheek. He is dressed in a tight-fitting t-shirt and skinny jeans, and seems to be a moderately attractive individual. In his speech, he is extremely friendly, as if we had known one another for a long time, but uses words outside of colloquial speech. Moniker begins by explaining more of his history. He had never been a good student, consistently getting Cs in school, and failing out of college after just 2 semesters. Moniker attributes this to his constant tiredness and sickness. He explains that every now and then he gets so sick that he cannot function in class or social environments, so it has been difficult for him to maintain a solid academic record or a career. He has rarely
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