The Ana Code Of Ethics

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Nurses are faced with making difficult decisions for theirs patients on a daily occurrence. “The STOP model helps decision makers by reminding them to consider all elements and make a best rational choice to fit the situation.” (Godfrey & Crigger, 2012, p. 35) When faced with a daunting choice a nurse can use the STOP Model to help them decipher what exactly to do without becoming overwhelmed. Looking at the case study presented to us this is how I would analyze the situation using the STOP Model:

“S” is for standards. There are policies and procedures put in place for a reason, to set standards in the medical field. In this case I am sure there are many requirements on how to handle a newly deceased patient. The ANA Code of Ethics is just one place to look at for standards nurses should follow in this case. This way the patient can be treated ethically and how he deserves. “T” is for thorough. At this point the nurse needs to step back and look at the situation. One does not know exactly how the patient would want his body treated until his family finally arrives to notify staff. The patient’s wishes were unknown and the staff did everything they could to save his life. Making sure everything that is done to the body is charted is the best way to be thorough in the long run. “O” is for outcomes. This reminds the nurse to consider what is best for the patient and that is it respectful. Trying to place the endotracheal tube at first was to benefit the patient. What we…
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