The Ana Code Of Ethics

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Hello class, After reading the ANA code of ethics there are various aspects that can relate back to nursing informatics. However, the main sections I would like to discuss would be; provisions two, three, seven, eight and nine. Provision two in the ANA code of ethics states that "the nurses primary commitment is to the patient (NursingWorld)." This relates back to nursing informatics because is clearly shows the importance of patient centered care. This also relates to clause 1.4 in provision one , which briefly discusses autonomy or a patients right to choose their treatment. Healthcare informatics helps not only patients but also healthcare workers in their decision making and provides the necessary means to make an informed decision (NurseWorld). By using information systems, healthcare providers (nurses included of course) are able to provide more accurate, up to date patient information, thus enhancing care. Provision three focuses on a patients right to privacy and confidentiality. In any healthcare career you will always strive to maintain patient privacy and confidentialy. This relates back not only to the code of ethics but also to HIPPA. Patient privacy and confidentiality definitley falls under the ethical aspect of the healthcare system." If we as healthcare providers do not promote a trusting enviroment, a patient would most likely be less apt to seek care or share sensitive information that could impact their health. Provision seven states that "the
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