The Anaesthetic And Recovery Care

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The aim of this case study is to analyse and evaluate the anaesthetic and recovery care delivered to a patient undergoing an Adenotonsillectomy. To do this I will outline the process of ensuring the provision of safe and effective care for the patient, give a description of the procedure and equipment used in the anaesthetic room including the drugs used for this particular case and rationale for their use. I will also give a brief description of the surgical procedure including the anaesthetic and recovery care provided. Finally, I will summarise with an evaluation of the care that the patient received. For the purpose of this study, the patient will be referred to as ”the patient”. In doing so, the patients’ right to confidentiality will not be breached and it is also within the boundaries and guidelines set out in local trust policies G10, the Health and Care Professions Council Code of Conduct & Ethics for Students (HCPC 2012 pg 9), the Data Protection Act (1998) & the Caldecott Principles (2013). In accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO 2008) checklist and Local trust policies, a team briefing was held before the day’s list started. The checklist is part of a second Global Patient Safety Challenge initiative entitled ‘Safe Surgery Saves Lives’, aimed at reducing the number of surgical deaths worldwide and was launched in June 2008. This not…
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