The Analects Books I V I 've Had An Open Mind

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While reading The Analects books I-V I’ve had an open mind while reading the books. When I say an open mind I mean I was reading the books hoping and considering to learn. I did not know a lot about Analects before reading the books. I’ve found the topic of these books to be quite interesting. In my opinion, The Analects is an assortment of sayings and ideas credited to the great philosopher Confucius. The Analects were more than likely written between 30-50 year time span. The organization of chapters seems disorganized because they are dealing with subjects that are in no way connected. While reading book one I’ve came to the conclusion that the text excerpts in this chapter introduces two of the basic themes of work. The first theme that I prefer the most is “what qualities are desirable in a human being. This one is important to me because in today’s world I question this every day. I wonder what are all the qualities a human being can have and why don’t everyone have the same qualities. The second theme is how morality can be reflected in one’s behavior. The story soon shifts to matters involving family and the government. During this course, with every new religion it seems like they are big on family. Since we are on the topic of family, the text seems to take on the issue of filial piety. Filial piety means refers to the virtue of respect for one 's parents or ancestors. Book two focuses more on the matter of government. I say that because at the beginning of book

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