The Analysis And Data Collection

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Introduction: The aim of this chapter is to provide the general overview and clarify the approaches used in analysis and data collection which includes the tool that will be used for the data analysis, research philosophies, sampling techniques, and the approaches. Research Philosophy/Paradigms: To carry out the research, it goes through different process like research philosophy, research design, research approach as shown in fig 1:1 Research Onion Figure 1:1 Author: (Daum, 2013) According to Collins, (2010) the research philosophy used by a research reveals the research has adopted a certain assumptions about the way the world is viewed which gives you a platform to initiate the strategy of your research. Epistemology is the study of knowledge and Ontology which is known as the study of nature or reality. There are several types of research philosophy but this work will adopt pragmatism. JUSTIFICATIONS OF ADOPTED PHILOSOPHY: This research will adopt pragmatism method because pragmatism gives room for mixed or multiple method holding a view that working with different philosophical view is possible. This philosophy makes use of multiple methods that are reliable, credible, well-founded and relevant data collected to advance the research (Saunders et al, 2012). STATEMENT OF HYPOTHESIS: Different factors that contribute to employee stress level will be looked at to determine its
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