The Analysis And Ratio Analysis

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The methodology of this paper adopts the document analysis and ratio analysis. The information regarding the board characteristics and the financial figures collect from annual reports which are published on the official website of target companies. The paper further analyses the statistics of each board in terms of the age, education level, gender of directors, board size and the proportion of executive and independent non-executive directors. Moreover, this paper uses the financial ratio of the target companies as their corporate performance. This paper use the regression function of Excel to establish the linear equation regarding dependent and independent variables. More specifically, the average ROA of each e-commerce companies are set as dependent variables, and the age, gender, education level, board size and board composition are set as the independent variables. 3.1 Sample selection: There are totally no more than 14 Chinese listed e-commerce companies. In order to clearly determine the research objectives, this paper has to explain that those companies, such as e-banks, are involved in the e-commerce services, while they are not classified into the e-commerce industry in the paper. This paper has totally selected these 14 listed e-commerce companies as research samples. These Chinese e-commerce companies mainly offer services in the mainland of China, but they choose to be listed on different stock exchange, such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, NASDAQ or New York

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