The Analysis Of Culture By Raymond Williams

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Global films enable cultures from around the world a stage that they may represent their cultures and beliefs. Many directors embed messages within the film that could represent social issues, or share an identifiable theme. Global films encourage audience’s appreciation for other culture, and empathy; incorporating the message that although the cultures differ, they face similar dilemmas. This analysis will include focal points from the article, The Analysis of Culture written by Raymond Williams. Additionally, this analysis will explore two fundamental key points of interest. First, this analysis will examine how films achieve communicating social issues. Second, research the effects of films that address humanitarian issues. Finally, examine how diverse cultures utilize film to suggest their own local and global involvement from my own perspective as a student. Beginning with Williams, The Analysis of Culture, identifies three “general categories in the definition of culture” (Williams, 1961). First, is the ideal culture defined as the lives, work, and values of the culture. Second, is the documentary which is the actual evidence of the culture and, social descriptions of a particular way of life. Third, is the social definition of culture which defines traditions and language. Williams clarifies that culture is difficult to define and the above implies his thoughts attributing to the term. Although, many of the films viewed in COM 564 could easily align with all
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