The Analysis : The Quantifier Essay

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The quantifier is the first part of the sentence, and tells you how much of the subject that is talked about. Quantifiers include words such as “all”, “some,” or “no”. The quantifier in the first premise of the example is “all.” The second term the subject term. The subject refers to what is being discussed in the sentence. In the first premise, the subject is the term “souls.” The next term is the copula, and the copula links the subject and predicate together. The copula can be either “is” or “are,” or “is not” or “are not.” In the case of the example, the copula in the first premise is “are.” The last term is the predicate term. The predicate refers to the other category that is being talked about in the sentence. In the example from above, the predicate in the first term in “immaterial things.” When all four parts of the sentence are put together properly, you have a correctly translated categorical proposition Square of Opposition: The Square of Opposition is shown above. Each proposition form is in the corner of the square and the lines show the relationship between each other. Since the first premise is in the A form, the contradictory would be O. The contradictory of the first premise would translate to “some souls are not immaterial things.” Since both the second premise and conclusion, are in the O form, the contradictory to these would be in the A form. The second premise’s contradictory would be “All immaterial things are immortal,” and the
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