The Analysis : Water 's Journey

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At the start of my journalistic investigation I stumbled upon a 2010 documentary by the explorer Wes Skiles titled Water’s Journey. The short film is available online free of charge and follows a scientific team of four as they traverse the Florida aquifer in real time. The goal of their mission was to explore and extensively map the inside of the Florida Aquifer for the first time. The four individuals on this groundbreaking mission included Tom Morris, a cave explorer and biologist, Jill Heinerth, a technical dive specialist, the Wes Skiles, and electromagnetics expert Brian Pease. Pease designed a revolutionary transmitter that was able to send signals through Florida’s solid rock and water below, which allowed for him and Skiles on the surface to actively track Morris and Heinerth as they explored the depths below. The mission took the divers through Florida’s karst terrain, which consisted of underground streams, fissures, and caves. Surface waters seep down through the soil and limestone, collecting carbon dioxide along the way which in turn increases the water’s acidity. Once it is able to penetrate the underground system it slowly breaks down the cave systems below, resulting in the rocks ‘Swiss Cheese’ appearance. The direct relationship between surface and groundwater is demonstrated by said appearance, and unfortunately reinforced by the multitude of trash and debris the divers found below the surface, ranging from oil drums to whole barbeque grills. The above
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