The Analysis of Catholicism and the Artist Essay

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James Joyce’s novel “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” illustrates the confused state of a generation split by religious divergence and thus lack of ability to evolve towards modernism. With the incorporation of Protestant belief and ceremony by the English, traditional Catholic faith within Ireland was challenged with alteration. This abrupt integration of Protestant worship illuminates the strange inability of a post-English Irish culture to advance into a modern more “spiritual” world, mostly unrestricted by religious philosophies. Joyce illustrates how Irish culture has been ripped apart by its own faith, not by that of the English. Through the incorporation of an opposing faith, England created a sense of alertness within the…show more content…
However, it was not long after that Henry would enforce a systematic four step process aimed at bringing him more power over the Roman Catholic domination in which he had dissociated himself earlier in his life. Such process started with the infiltration of a large British army of 2,300 soldiers into Ireland, followed by the killing of all men within the Fitzgerald family. Furthermore, in 1536, Henry enforced the Reformation upon Ireland, hoping to create a Protestant province loyal to the Crown. And in 1541, whilst declaring himself King, Henry specified that all lands were to be submitted to the Crown only to be returned if owners pledged their loyalty. Following King Henry’s reformation, Ireland underwent a series of misfortunes which daunted its most devote Catholics. In 1608, King James I allowed Protestants to take over catholic lands, in 1690 the battle of Boyne took place, marked by William of Orange’s conquering over Catholicism, 1692 brought with it laws against catholic voting rights, the physical practice of the religion and ownership by its followers. And within the years of 1845-49, those whom conjured the strength to stay devote would challenge the existence of God when one million perished by way of the Great Potato Famine. In an almost inevitable manner, after hundreds of years of suppression, the Easter Rising
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