The Analysis of Mark and Spencer

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1. Sample Case Study on Marks and Spencer 2. Marks and Spencer Case Study 3. Introduction 4. 5. The essay explains what the important parts of Marks and Spencer’s (M & S) current and historic strategies are. The value chain is analysed to explain M & S’s competitive advantages. The value chain focuses on inbound logistics, operations and marketing & service analysis of M & S. Furthermore, the essay interprets what the problems of present strategies M & S will meet in the future and what new strategy M & S may follow. 6. 7. Key Components of M & S’s Current and Historic Strategies 8. 9. M & S implemented different strategies to solve various problems when it was at…show more content…
M & S built good relationship with its supplier. The relationship between M & S and its suppliers guarantees not only quality of products but also improves cooperation between them. The relationship is concerned with encouraging its suppliers to use the most modern and efficient production technologies and working with them to get the highest standards of quality. On the one hand, M & S used mainly British suppliers in order to ensure the quality of products. On the other hand, M & S established a trade mark ‘St Michael’ as the sign of its high quality. These actions are helpful to satisfy customers’ requirements about quality of product so that M & S may get more competitive advantages for quality of products than its competitors. Moreover, one of the successful facts is that M & S emphasised its store layout. It built a pilot store and other stores are asked to follow it so that M & S may keep consistency of its image. It is good for keeping good company image among customers. 20. 21. Finally, the changes about marketing & service of M & S also added its competitive advantages. Initially, M & S built ‘St Michael’ as its quality sign of product so as to build customer loyalty and attract customers to purchase its products. However, M & S has to respond for the challenges for its competitors, such as Tesco, Gap, because M & S’s competitors has responded more fast for customers’
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