The Analysis of Marketing Communications Campaign with the Case of Nike Football Shoes

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Introduction Marketing mix is an essential tool for companies to target their customers, price and promote their product and locate their places. By analysing the 4P’s, companies can make the plans and achieve their goals. Marketing communications, as the promotion factor in marketing mix plays a key role in developing marketing strategies. To getting more customers and compete with their rivals, companies spend a lot of money on promotion. The promotion activities like advertising, sales and discounts happened around us every day. In sport industry, the marketing communications exist as well. The sport market is different with other industries, because the innovation of sport product is extremely fast and the sport product customers can…show more content…
At the last stage, profits start to decline. Not only the product lifecycle, the environment elements like social and cultural aspect should be concerned when companies set their marketing objectives. 2. Consider the target market Pickton and Broderick (2005) mentioned in their book, ‘Market segmentation is the process of splitting customers into different groups, or segments, within which customers with similar characteristics have similar needs.’ To satisfy the different demands of customers, it is very important for companies to do the market segmentation. In the old age, producers have to promote their products to customers. They ‘push’ the information to their customers by newspaper, television or phone so that they can sell their products. However, with the development of technology, customer can search the information they need by accessing the internet. They start to look for the products that can meet their needs, which means the information moved from ‘push’ to ‘pull’. It is necessary for companies to using segmentation for marketing communications. They should select the most effective media and find the best fit between target profile locations and media catchment areas so that their information can be received by more potential customers. 3. Set promotional objectives Smith (2008) indicated that the aim of promotion is to ‘encourage consumers to develop a favourable opinion about a product or brand with the intention of

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