The Analysis of "The Irish Stew" by J.Jerome

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Jerome Klapka Jerome was an English novelist and humorist. His books are loved by readers even nowadays, though Jerome’s contemporaries didn’t give high praise of his works and some literature critics thought that his novels and romances didn’t concern serious and actual problems of life being a little bit senselessness. But these suggestions were erroneous. On the contrary we can see his attitude to modern English reality and how he discloses absurdity of well-established norms of behavior, morals and manners. Jerome is best known for the humorous travelogue “Three Men in a Boat”.
The novel narrates about three fellows George, Harris, Jerome, who discuss their problems with health of which they suffer so much. So they take a decision to
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The author uses different stylistic devises to communicate to reader his image and a comic situation happened to him as exact as he can. Actions of George seem to be really silly because he tries to present himself as an expert in this sphere, we can understand by his yearning to make a dinner, for example he wants to show his friends what could be done up the river in the way of cooking. And soon in the end of the extract reader can see the result of his attempts to do an Irish stew.

Harry plays there a role of such kind of a man who is a chap and simpleton. We can see the funny side of the situation when he is ready to add a dead-water rat into the stew. He is a nice fellow and takes everything easy despite of George’s big words about the precedent.

Special attention should be also paid to the narrator Jerome. It’s a usual thing the presence of the narrator in Jerome’s works of art. Here the narrator Jerome plays an important role, it means that he steadily observes everything that happens and notices all the nonsense of life, and moreover he comments on this or that situation speaking ironically of it. For example the situation with the dead-water rat, he thinks over if it is such kind of sarcasm or a real desire to make a contribution to the dinner. The purpose of the narrator is not the fighting with man’s vices, it is a desire to show things as they are not in satiric way but with the
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