The Analysis of the Big Bang Theory

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Characters: Dr. Leonard Hofstadter: played by Johnny Galecki. The character also works at Cal Tech and performs research under theoretical and experimental physic. Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali: Played by Simon Helberg Howard Wolowiz: Played by Kunal Navyar Analysis: The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about the four male characters that lack of normal social skills, but they are very intelligent. The name of the show refers to two different meanings. The first one is about the beginning of the universe starting with a big bang, and the second meaning is about men that want to get laid. The show is popular for several reasons, but the main reason is because sitcoms remain popular cultural position by being sarcastic and comedy.…show more content…
She is a blond and attractive waitress at the Cheesecake Factory. She is also an aspiring actress/ screenwriter from Ohama, Nebraska. Although she does not have advanced education, she has an outgoing personality and a social butterfly. She has an on and off relationship with Leonard throughout all four seasons. The character of Penny is a best example of blondness and name that portray in television according to Arthur Berger’s article, He is everything you’re not… Arthur argues that men like to see blond girl on television shows because blond portrays the image of an innocent girl. Since men are dominance and aggressive, blond appeals to men because they want to manipulate girls. The character Penny is also an example of the way American culture see blond girls. Penny is poor, messy, and easy with guys and a terrible driver. She has a Chinese character tattooed in the back, and she believes it means courage, but it turns out that it means soup. Arthur also talks about name in his article because names in television show usually say everything about the character. The leading female character is named Penny, and penny usually refers to the cheapest coin in American currency. First of all, Penny is blond, and she fits into all the stereotypes about blondness then her character name is Penny, which indicates that blond girls are the lowest in the society because they are uneducated, easy, and worthless. Since Penny represents “Us”, her
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