The Analysis of the Ending of the Grapes of Wrath

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When you think of the word end you think of the end of a book or movie when the true definition is “a final part of something, esp. a period of time, an activity, or a story” or “ the furthest or most extreme part or point of something.” Webster The ending of “The Grapes of Wrath” is just that the most extreme. There are those who believe that the ending of this book is highly inappropriate and should be banned from schools for the content. However those people are uneducated and cannot look beyond the words to see that the ending is seen as beautiful. The true meaning of the end is about new life, second chances, and the innate kindness that lies within all people. The ending is about new life because of Rose of Sharon’s baby and what it truly meant to the Joad family. Throughout the entire novel you experience Rose of Sharon pregnancy and her struggle to sustain both herself and a child. Generally babies represent new life, a fresh start, exactly what the Joad family was looking for from the start of the novel. Unfortunately the baby does not make it, this is very sad, but also a sigh of relief for the family. If the baby would have survived then that meant one more mouth to feed. Fortunately she still had her breast milk and used it to help another life, "Says he wasn't hungry, or he jus' et. Give me the food. Now he's too weak. Can'thardly move." The ending may be morbid and bleak but the truth is that if it were not for the death of the baby, the Joad family would be
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