The Analytical Methods Applied On Security Pattern Data Yield Results Essay

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The analytical methods applied on security pattern data yield results in the form of pattern clusters and concepts. Pattern applicability can be improved by making this classification and resulting concept knowledge readily available to practitioners. In order to make it readily available, the results must be represented in a suitable format. Further, it must be shared using a tool or technology which is easy to use and does not need any special hardware or software. In this chapter, we present our approach towards representing the gained knowledge and sharing it so that it can be accessed and used. The chapter outline is as follows. In Section 7.1, we present the knowledge discovery and its adoption for the present work. The first mining tool applied is clustering. The knowledge obtained using this mechanism is presented in Section 7.2. The second knowledge discovery technique used in the research is FCA. Section 7.3 gives an overview of the knowledge extracted using FCA. In Section 7.4, we give our views about knowledge sharing, the issues which need to be considered and our solutions to address them. The representation format for various knowledge elements is presented in Section 7.5. The knowledge search framework is presented in Section 7.6 followed by a discussion on the implementation aspects in Section 7.7. The chapter ends with a summary.
7.1 Knowledge Discovery
There is a large volume of information available at our disposal. In order to apply the right
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