The Anatomy Of Care At Metro Hospital

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The Anatomy of Care (AOC) is an interactive game where the scenario is set at Metro Hospital, which has the best medical reputation in the area. Even with a prestigious reputation, it was evident that issues regarding facility, staff, organization and budget were affecting how the organization cared for patients, but more importantly, how patients were perceiving the organization. AOC allows the user to make decisions in the role of a hospital team member, choosing from a charge nurse (Janice), a transporter (Emilio), a doctor (Dr. Klinger), a desk clerk (Clara) or an environmental services technician (Kyung). No matter the role, every team member’s encounters had an effect on a patient’s or family member’s experience.
The Anatomy of Care further extends into the marketing aspects of healthcare, relating its problems into familiar themes. Some of these themes include the gaps model of service, dimensions of quality, services marketing and themes outlined in the book, If Disney Ran Your Hospital. It is necessary to discuss the relationship between the themes and issues in the interactive game in order to gain a better understanding of the patient experience. With that being said, experience is the marketing and it is imperative to give patients and family members patient-centered care to allow for the best experience possible.
The gaps model of service quality demonstrates factors, or gaps, that contribute to unsuccessful

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