The Anatomy Of Dead Insects And How Close I Was A Doctor

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Too young to remember when my parents moved back to Jamaica, the land of their birth, but old enough to know that there was something strikingly different between living in New York and living in Jamaica. Before entering primary school my dad gave me the Atlas of Human Anatomy, I never cared for the big words then but those pictures peeked my interest even more. I guess my dad figured I was interested in medicine since I always tried to study the anatomy of dead insects and how close I was to our dogs. Growing up in Jamaica I worked in the clinic and a pharmacy on my summer and Christmas breaks. I always wanted to be a doctor so getting this type of experience was so exciting. My grandparents died of medical reasons a couple years apart in Jamaica, my parents were upset with the quality of medical care they had received and the fact that so many of their questions went unanswered. I was never upset with the doctors because I never knew anything about medicine at that time, but the situation made me more resolute to becoming a doctor because I never wanted to see another family hurt like I saw my parents hurting. My brothers and I used to give out cooked meals on Christmas morning to the homeless; it was quite extraordinary to see the positive impact such a small gesture could have on so many. Through these experiences I realized that my life would be most fulfilled working directly to improve the life of other through medicine.
In pursuit of my goal, I moved back to the…

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