The Anatomy Of Love By Helen Fisher

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Evolutionary Perspective on Jealousy
Jealousy is an emotion defined as the real or imagined loss of a partner to a third partner.
It tends to have a negative connotation because in our society today there are myths regarding jealousy towards the people who experience this emotion. For example, those who feel jealousy have low self-esteem, or are considered immature, or have character defects. In the book, Anatomy of Love by Helen Fisher states that cultural values affect how we define adultery and our attitudes towards it. (1992:78) She goes on and talks about a poll that was conducted by the People magazine in 1986 where 74 % of the 750 respondents believed one does not have to have sexual intercourse with a person to be considered unfaithful. (1992:79). I believe that society does have an impact of what we perceived cheating is. Jealousy can be seen as an adaptive emotion because it exists so we can love. I have experience a personal situation where I felt jealousy as an emotional reaction towards my current partner. I felt jealousy when I saw my boyfriend in campus having lunch with a girl who I did not know. Concluding on what I was watching my boyfriend was cheating on me with that girl. I was surprised because my partner fail to communicate what was going on in the situation I was witnessing. I was jealous to see my boyfriend with another girl participating in an intriguing conversation, I felt like I was being replaced by this stranger. As I tried to seek clarity
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