The Anatomy Of The Pathology Industry

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According to (Stephen, 2006) a leader that engages the whole person’s paradigm of mind, body, spirit and heart get things done through people but not husbanding resources and technology. There are many definitions of leadership and each stresses the importance of a leader to influence and inspire their subordinates (Cook, 1999) has specifically defined leadership in clinical practices as “direct involvement in clinical care while constantly influencing others to improve the care they provide” and this is relevant in the Pathology ACT.
Healthcare employees encounter stressful situations day in and day out as their role involves dealing with human lives. To be able to maintain the continuity and excellent services of this
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The aim of this article is to explore different leadership styles and the way they influence their work outcome.
Management and Leadership styles
(VanVactor, 2012) stated that the healthcare industry is constantly changing and its leadership must embrace these changes and be able to adopt new ways of dealing with changes so that they remain successful in the healthcare business. According to (Kenmore, 2008) different leadership styles work in a different situation. It’s therefore up to the ACT Pathology leaders to know the style of leadership they need to execute to best achieve their goals.
Transformational leadership style is where leaders recognise the potentials of their subordinates and work with them to inspire and unleash their talents (Giltinane, 2013). Giltinane (2013) further stated that transformational leaders instil and raise important values such as self-esteem in their followers and provide the necessary environment in achieving their full potential. They inspire followers to go beyond the call of duty and act as mentors (Rolfe, 2011). In haematology, and clinical chemistry pathology department of Canberra Hospital, we are a department with members that have served for so long, some up to 30 years of service. I would think that, besides financial benefit, there must have been a level of inspiration to motivate and keep these individuals for long. My appointment to role of
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