The Anatomy of Love by Helen Fisher

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Our innate tendencies affect out behavior patterns in the life cycle. From love, sex, and marriage and the change from societies to past and future times. The discoveries of why we have mating traits and how they are used in many meanings such as a smile or the way a person speaks with their body. The forces of culture and environment take part in human involvement in the world. While men and women start to change roles and rights are broaden in a marriage. Along comes divorce in which happens so often in societies because of many reasons. What we have inherited is from out ancestors and it repeats itself in every life cycle. The expedition of the book Anatomy of Love goes through the past to future on love, sex, marriage, and divorce and how it relates to modern societies.
Body language such as women who try to flirt or get a man to notice. Giving gestures such as starring into ones eyes and giving a grin or a smile is an example. As women show that they are attractive by “lifting here eyebrows in a swift, jerky motion,”(20) trying to not be so obvious to get someone’s attention. While men’s “chest thrust,” (21) in order to get a women’s attention. Gazing, one of many gestures to humans and primates used for attraction. Whether it’s a friendly high, getting someone’s attention, or hiding how one feels. An occurrence of an uncomfortable situation can happen. Recognition, talks, and touches other ways of mating depending on the situation. Having synchrony of meeting another
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