The Anatomy of Marketing Positioning Strategy, R. Brooksbank (1994)

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The theory and practice of marketing positioning strategy.

A Definition of Positioning Strategy
In the words of Doyle (1983):
Positioning strategy refers to the choice of target market segment which describes the customers a business will seek to serve and the choice of differential advantage which defines how it will compete with rivals in the segment.

The Anatomy of Marketing Positioning Strategy
Roger Brooksbank
Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 12 No. 4, 1994, pp. 10-14 © MCB University Press Limited, 0263-4503

This definition shows that a positioning strategy only applies at the level of a particular product and/or service operating within a particular market, and that
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The Key Components of Marketing Positioning
Strategy Formulation

This business logic is concisely described by Hanson (1972):
If you can divide a larger market into smaller segments with different preferences and subsequently adjust your product (or service) to the preferences in the different segments, then you reduce the overall distance between what you are offering to the market and what the market requires. By doing so the marketeer improves their competitive position.

Select customer targets



Select competitor target

Define competitive advantage

Thus, since most markets contain customers which are either too numerous, widely scattered, or heterogeneous in their buying requirements to be effectively served by one company (Kotler, 1980), the firm should aim to identify the segment(s) of the market which is most attractive. These choices reflect the company’s customer targets.
SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats PPPP = Product, Price, Promotion, Place



Table I. The Main Elements of the Marketing Mix
Product Quality Features Name Packaging Services Guarantees Price List price Discounts Promotion Advertising Place Distributors

Personal selling Retailers

Allowances Sales promotion Locations Credit Specials Public relations Inventory Direct mail Transport

Company literature

Selecting Customer Targets
The selection of customer targets highlights the critical role of market segmentation in

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