The, Anchor Baby, By Edward E. Telles And Vilma Ortiz

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The term ‘anchor baby’ has been used throughout political writings and dared republican rantings to be used as a pejorative meaning for a child born in the United States to an immigrant. When I had first heard this term I could not help but blatantly laugh. Although it essentially is used as a derogatory word towards me, as well as the rest of ‘my people’, I found it humorously accurate (and even somewhat affectionate). This expression was brought up during a conversation between my boyfriend and me about first generation Americans. I half-jokingly mentioned the only time I reserve that title for myself is for scholarships that I apply for. With regards to that exchange it got me thinking about the effects of being a Hispanic first born…show more content…
I chose not to include the rest of the data for fiscal achievements seeing that some my peers, including myself, are not necessarily exclusively working due to our age, schooling or undecided career choices. I am a common story of a first generation baby born into poverty. I live around many more just like me. Although we are of age to work and help our families with what we can there is only so much a minimum wage job can do. Seasons affect some of us more than others specifically because of our parents with seasonal jobs. My father works as a landscaper with an accredited landscape company but I know of many others with only seasonal under the table picking jobs that come as easy as they go. That is to say, being a first born American from an immigrant family one can anticipate the hardships of building ones bank account from scratch, past first born generations from other eras are inspiring along with empowering in hopes of gaining such successes. In order to gain financial stability we have been taught education is key. Which for the most part is true, it is what we do with our schooling that guides us throughout our lives. My experience with education I have been generally surrounded by two outcomes: either my peers have come up and ahead into advanced classes and entered great universities or, into the other end of the spectrum where they have been neglected
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