The, Anchor Baby, By Edward E. Telles And Vilma Ortiz

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The term ‘anchor baby’ has been used throughout political writings and dared republican rantings to be used as a pejorative meaning for a child born in the United States to an immigrant. When I had first heard this term I could not help but blatantly laugh. Although it essentially is used as a derogatory word towards me, as well as the rest of ‘my people’, I found it humorously accurate (and even somewhat affectionate). This expression was brought up during a conversation between my boyfriend and me about first generation Americans. I half-jokingly mentioned the only time I reserve that title for myself is for scholarships that I apply for. With regards to that exchange it got me thinking about the effects of being a Hispanic first born generation in amidst American millennials. According to the research by the University of California, Los Angeles first generation children born after 2000 have been making financial strides. The generation before mine shows approximate average gains of $36,300; as shown by Generations of Exclusion by Edward E. Telles and Vilma Ortiz. These statistics look very promising in that it lends to a sense of success and abundance towards my culture as well as my ‘cohort’. Noticeably, the transition between poverty in Mexico and lower to upper middle class in American is easily seen. My relatives show pictures of rundown, rickety, subpar living environments and houses from back in Mexico in their two story, 3 bedroom, beautifully outfitted homes.…

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